Politics in America

21 Jan

One thing that strikes me as odd is many of the people in our nation who claim to know about political issues are truly ignorant. They will blindly defend their candidate, and strike down others even if their own candidate is morally obstinate. While I would like to believe in true repentance a past sin will often rear it’s ugly head during the time of largest stress, more specifically a campaign trail. How can a candidates supporters truly think that a person has fully changed when his anger and the past issue still plague him? What they fail to recognize is that religious transformation is not the only thing that is important for our political scenario. An understanding of the key issues are also essential for our continued formation as a nation. Many people in our nation see radical Islam as a threat; I would be inclined to agree with that statement. Yet I would also say that not all members of Islam fall under the category the idea of “radical Islam.” Even more importantly I would say the American problem goes far beyond any relationship to Islam at all. The problem is the ignorance of the issues as a whole and the arrogance that occasionally goes with becoming political involved. In general we like to think that we know how our economy works, or that social issues are our most pressing problems. Most of us have very little idea of how our economy works in fact. If I were to ask about the housing market , the effect of a high credit rating, interest rates on loans, the health insurance industry, or the general expense of living an average year in our nation very few people would be able to tell me about them. People would love for our economic system to be very simplistic to understand; unfortunately this will never happen and we will not be able to fully understand it. A second issue I see is the fact that people will misuse terms when they are afraid of them. One key example is socialism. President Obama is often referred to as a socialist and this is very far from the truth. While he may advocate more regulation he does not advocate government overtaking the means of production (which is what some refer to as a socialist state, but even this is somewhat inaccurate). Third social issues may be a deep problem in our nation, but this goes far deeper than just whether being pro choice is right or wrong or whether gay marriage is immoral. The social issues we face today are the negativity towards our world leaders, being merciless to our fellow American, and the every man for himself mentality. When the greatest generation was prominent the common attitude was to respect a leader even if they vehemently disagree. This has since changed now that their children are now in leadership. It is our job to pray for our leaders even if we disagree with them; not preach doom and gloom about them. Secondly we are called to love the weak as we love Jesus. It is obvious in this nation that we don’t since the income inequality gap is dramatically rising and we spend the least on social programs out of any developed nation in the world. Thirdly we are called to live corporately and this seems nearly impossible when we live for ourselves without any interest in the development of our neighbor. There needs to be more incentive to help our neighbors rather than just promoting ourselves. In conclusion our political stand point is not based on one political issue, but rather based on our whole system and the attitude of our nation as a whole. As our nation grows in optimism and trust in one another I believe we can begin to restore this country.

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