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GOP Primary

12 Jan

It took a long time for me to be able to decide who I was going to vote for in the New Hampshire presidential primary. After reading many articles and watching many interviews I realized that I could not be supportive of a Newt Gingrich candidacy. He came across as very pious and took too much credit for things that other people had a hand in as well. For example, as speaker of the house he took credit for balancing the budget for four straight years. This was not because of some wonderful leadership that Gingrich engineered, but because the Clinton administration was willing to work with congress. This was a collaborative effort. Secondly, When he was a representative during the Reagan administration he took credit for leading the charge in pushing supply side economics through the Democratic majority House. This is another prime example of how he has taken credit for something that was not his doing. Reagan had strong support from Democrats, and at this point Gingrich was relatively new on the scene as compared to where he was in terms of political strength in the Clinton administration. Thirdly, it was wrong for Gingrich to take money from Freddie Mac when they were just about to go bankrupt. This portrays him as a schemer that can not be trusted. Finally I do not trust him on a personal level from the way that he has conducted himself with his family or his behavior in the house. Newt shouldn’t feel special in my lack of support for him during this primary season though; this is one of the weakest GOP primary fields I have ever seen.

Ron Paul is the second candidate that I could never support running for the office of president. While I think that his foreign policy may have some arguments in favor of it, I think that it may be a bit too far isolationist. I favor economic relationships with other nations instead of ones based upon the military but he may go too far. Paul is almost too quick to denounce a military threat. The area that I really struggle with Ron Paul on is his economic policies. Personal liberty is a strong message and I doubt that there are too many people that are fundamentally opposed to the idea of liberty. Market systems have helped to create this nation into the greatness it once had, but have also helped to create the weakness it is now in. Paul’s anti government message within the economy is completely unsafe and shows very little compassion for the middle and lower class. There are certain programs that are necessary to keep in place in order to protect the middle class from being dominated by the upper class. I am opposed protecting the business rights of the rich so that they may dominate the poor. There needs to be some regulation on business. Finally, I don’t believe Paul can be trusted to make remarks that are becoming of the office of the President of the United States. He has proved that he can say some down right abhorrent things and that is not what America needs.

A third candidate that I am opposed to is Rick Santorum. Believe me it is difficult to say that I can not support a candidate that I believe represents the same God that I claim to call my own. I believe Santorum is a genuine Christian, but I can not support his policies. Overall, he is much too far to the right for me, as many would often refer to me as a more liberal Christian. I agree with Santorum on the issue of abortion, but that’s almost the only area I agree with him. He generally has an anti government message that I can not support; I believe in government playing a role in helping society to be productive. I don’t believe that making overwhelming cuts is the correct move at this point, regardless of if we are in perilous economic times or not. The idea of only having two tax brackets for the federal income tax seems unreasonable to me. I don’t see any situation where this would be helpful. The only thing that would be worse is the Gingrich idea of having a flat tax. Santorum, like Gingrich, would also call for a dramatic cut in the corporate tax. Giving the power to the upper class has never truly been productive for the United States. I also believe that Santorum has too much of a hawkish idea of foreign policy. While Santorum is a strong Christian, he is not a strong candidate.

Rick Perry is becoming a non factor and I disagree with his foreign and domestic policy.

When it came down to decision time it was Mitt Romney who ended up with my vote this past Tuesday. I voted for Romney because I believed that he has a reasonable approach to taking the troops out of Afghanistan. I think that Romney has an acceptable approach to Iran as well, while he knows they have military capabilities he does not plan to run in blindly. Overall, I liked his tax plan as he plans to lower the corporate tax by a less substantial amount, decrease the estate tax, and eliminate capital gains tax for low and middle income earners. While the elimination of the capital gains tax for low and middle income earners will not be substantial I think it is a step in the right direction for the American market system. Romney has displayed an understanding that liberty is important to the American people, but that government must also put regulations in effect the protect the people. The one thing I do not like about Romney is the fact that he plans to repeal President Obama’s healthcare bill. I believe that this bill will help to cover many uninsured Americans, but Romney does not. However, it does seem as though he is willing to give states the option to accept the plan. Another issue I had with Romney was the negativity he has had during some of his speeches. In general I like Romney as a candidate, but there are a couple of things he could do to sure himself up in my opinion.

The last candidate that was an option to vote for in this primary was Jon Huntsman. After hearing him speak last night when the results were being announced I may have decided to switch to being a Huntsman supporter. He handled himself with such poise and class and realized it is important to put our nation before politics. In addition to his attitude I also like many of his policies. I think he will handle the troops in Afghanistan well as he acknowledges it is time to bring them home and that we have something to show for our time there. Huntsman can be very diplomatic and is a good representative of the United States. I also believe that Huntsman realizes that some regulation is necessary to keep the people of our nation safe from bigger businesses. At the same time he realizes it is important to create an environment that is safe for business to grow. The two things I liked most were his healthcare policy and his attitude towards future generations. Although he does want to repeal Obama’s healthcare plan he would like to keep parts of it such as allowing people to stay on their parents’ health plan for longer. He has also realized the battle for the heart of America continues with the next generation and it is important to strengthen future Americans. This is why I think Jon Huntsman is one of the top two candidates for the GOP nomination.

In this election I was not looking for a candidate that was going to figuratively knock me off my feet. I was looking for a guy who loves his nation, and realizes that in order to rebuild it there is a need for a comprehensive effort needed from every citizen. A candidate that has a message that inspires Americans to take pride in their nation, and allows them to have the pride to say they took part in establishing the way their country is. This is the type of person I was looking for in the Republican primary. I had no interest in a boisterous candidate who was willing to throw his weight around in order to get what he thought was best for himself. Since this is the battle for the heart of America I believe that it is necessary for someone who is optimistic and can turn out pessimism and negativity around. We needed someone who can unite us rather than divide us and restore the pride that we once had to call ourselves Americans. I believe that Jon Huntsman can be this leader. The most clear recent example I have is that even though he and his party may have been opposed to Obama and his policies he still dropped what he was doing to be the ambassador to China for this administration. This displays real selflessness and a desire to serve his country. Selfless acts are enough of Jon Huntsman to garner my support.